3 Essential Pieces Of Furniture To Create A Stunning French-Style Look In Your bedroom

Modern interior design is highly focused on minimalist principles, with sleek lines and modern shapes dominating the industry. Even if you like this style for your home's living areas, you may want to create a softer and more decorative look in your bedroom. A beautiful and timeless look for the bedroom is a classic yet modern French style. If this sounds like the perfect decor for your bedroom, then here are three essential pieces of furniture you'll need to include. Read More 

A Few Tips for Making Your Long Distance Move as Simple as Possible

An interstate move can be especially stressful, as that longer distance means you won't get a second chance to go back home and get any items you may have forgotten or overlooked! You also need to ensure your items are packed very carefully for an interstate move, as there is a greater risk of something getting damaged the longer it's in a moving truck or car. To help make your moving day as easy as possible and to alleviate some of that stress, note a few tips to remember. Read More 

3 Mistakes You May Make That Will Definitely Destroy Your Plasterboard Walls

Plasterboard walls, also called sheetrock or drywall, are made of gypsum material covered by two layers of paper. It is a lightweight and inexpensive material commonly used to partition interior walls in homes and commercial spaces. Gypsum is a relatively soft material, and is therefore easily damaged when subjected to even the smallest force. This article discusses some practices that could actually ruin your plasterboard wall completely. 1. Not having door stoppers Read More 

Dull Teak | 3 Efforts To Reinstate The Golden Glory Of Your Old Teak Furniture

Teak furniture is a popular outdoor choice for many homes because it is able to withstand the elements more resiliently than other materials. But ever so often, teak furniture turns grey and dull because the outer layer of oil present in teak starts to fade and oxidise after sunlight exposure. Some homeowners like this natural greying process. But if you're from the other school of thought and are keen to restore the golden glory of your teak furniture, follow these efforts. Read More