The benefits of an electric recliner chair

An electric recliner chair can move into different sitting and reclining positions at the touch of a button. What are the advantages of using such a chair? 1. Pain relief Firstly, an electric recliner chair will take the pressure off your joints. If you have been suffering from aches and pains, it is easy to move your chair into the most comfortable position that gives your joints a rest. For the same reason, it is also good if you are suffering from back pain—you can move into a position that relieves the pressure simply and quickly. Read More 

What Causes Damage to Your Timber Furniture?

Timber furniture is, of course, made to last for a long time. This does not, however, mean that it is indestructible. You need to take good care of timber furniture. This will include regular maintenance. Most damage that happens to timber furniture comes from the environment the furniture is exposed to, damage during transportation or shipping and careless handling or maintenance. See what these damages entail: Environmental Damage  This may include damage caused by the sun, humid conditions and bio predation. Read More 

4 Main Factors That Influence Furniture Designs in Homes Across The World

A home is not complete without furniture. A home is just an empty space until the furniture arrives, and then life comes into the room. However, furniture is a broad term that can be personalized from one individual to the next. Furniture designs differ in different households. Below are the four main things every person considers before choosing what furniture design to incorporate. Budget The more complicated and sophisticated the furniture design is, the more expensive it will be. Read More 

Why Quality Timber Bedroom Furniture Beats Metal Every Time

Are you planning a bedroom makeover and are wondering whether to choose metal or timber furniture? With the wide range of cheap metal beds, wardrobes, and other bedroom items, it's easy to be tempted. However, timber bedroom furniture offers a variety of benefits that make it a much better choice for most homeowners. From making your bedroom look better to helping the environment, timber furniture wins on most counts. Keep reading to find out exactly why you should ditch the metal and go for timber. Read More 

Three Options To Deal With The Open Space Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

When you're looking for options to transform the look of your kitchen cabinets, one of the often overlooked details is the space that's left between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling. Although the standard placement for these cabinets puts them either flush with or just below ceiling height, sometimes that gap can be bothersome and unsightly. In addition, it's hard to keep clean. Here are a few tips for you to address that space without making more work for yourself: Read More